“I’m Scared To Try On My Jeans Again,” A Local Woman Reveals Her Biggest Post Lockdown Anxiety 

As NSW residents prepare for a significant easing of lockdown restrictions next month, one Sydney woman is bracing herself for the very real prospect of wearing jeans again.

“I’ve worn nothing but pyjamas and activewear for the last two months,” says Rachel Varcoe.

The 31 year old says she’s gained “at least 3 kilograms” during lockdown.

“I’m very anxious about trying on my jeans again. I honestly don’t think they’ll fit. Not even close.”

And she’s not alone, with new research showing the average New South Wales resident gaining 1.84 kilograms during the second lockdown.

Mental health experts say the torment of attempting to wear jeans again is causing significant anxiety and uncertainty.

“It’s a difficult time for many, but support is available.” says Diane Harrow from Beyond Blue.

“We have a range of mental health plans to instil confidence in all NSW residents, so we can get this great state moving again.”