“I’m joining the actor’s strike,” says woman who appeared as an intruder on season 9 of The Bachelor

REALITY TEST: What began as a writer’s strike has recently also been embraced by actors. Now, a former local reality TV contestant is jumping on board.

Christine Miles appeared as an intruder in 3 episodes of Jimmy Nicolson’s season of The Bachelor Australia in 2021, before being sent home.

“I’m standing in solidarity with my Hollywood counterparts,” she told DBT. “We are fighting for fair pay and royalties from streaming.”

It’s believed Ms Miles, who has no other TV or film experience, is the first reality TV cast member to join the strike.

The 28 year old from Sydney’s south appeared at a protest yesterday, but nobody recognised her. 

“I saw her trying to get in a photo with Margot Robbie,” says one protest organiser.

Industry insiders are questioning whether her fleeting appearance on The Bachelor qualifies her to join the strike.

“But I also recently auditioned for an extras role on Home & Away,” claims Christine Miles. “At this stage I’m yet to hear back.”