“I’m honoured & humbled,” writes man on LinkedIn after appointing himself CEO of start-up he founded last week

HUMBLE BRAG: A local entrepreneur, thought leader and mentor has spent his Tuesday afternoon writing a 300 word LinkedIn post about how ‘humbled’ he is to get a new job.

Mark Paluka has just announced himself as CEO of an ‘innovation hub’ he founded last week.

“This honour has left me speechless,” he wrote.

The new company which currently has a total staff count of one (including the CEO), has yet to secure any funding or produce any kind of business plan.

“From the moment I conceptualised this company last weekend, to my appointment as CEO today, it’s been an incredible journey,” he wrote,

“Hopefully I’ll be in a position to hire other people soon.”

The post has so far only been liked and commented on by people who think Paluka might one day be able to employ them.

“Congratulations and well deserved,” commented one man who has never met Paluka, but is reportedly considering a switch to the innovation hub industry.

“Well done,” wrote another man as payback for when Paluka commented on his post last week.

As the congratulatory messages pour in, Mark Paluka has already begun writing his next LinkedIn post, a blog titled: ‘Seven Days to the Top: My Swift Rise from Founder to CEO.’