Regulators force ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’ to be renamed; ‘Get Me Out Of Here’

HARSH REALITY: Television regulators have forced the long-running reality show ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’ to change its name.

After the premier episode of the 2024 season aired last night, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has demanded the word ‘Celebrity’ be removed from the show’s title.

“We find using the word ‘celebrity’ amounts to misleading and deceptive conduct,” says the ACCC’s Megan Tilly.

“Apart from Frankie Muniz, basically all of the contestants are little known influencers or recycled reality TV contestants.”

“In fact, none of them have any idea who anyone else on the show is, let alone viewers actually watching it.”

Network 10 has responded swiftly, announcing a short time ago that the show has been renamed.

“We were initially thinking of renaming it: ‘I Used To Be A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here,’ or ‘I’m A D-Grade Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here,’ says a Network TEN spokesperson.

“But in the end we just settled on “Get Me Out Of Here.”