CAUGHT NAPPING: Australia is in the grip of a crippling shortage of rental properties, and the former Prime Minister and his deputy are not immune.

Now backbenchers, Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce were both photographed this week asleep in federal parliament.

“Life hasn’t been easy,” concedes Scott Morrison. “Ever since leaving Kirribilli House, my family and I have struggled to find somewhere to rent.”

“We’ve been staying with friends where we can, but some nights we’ve been left homeless and very tired.”

Mr Morrison and Joyce are not alone.

The national rental vacancy rate is at record lows, and landlords are increasing rental prices, to keep up with rising interest rates on their mortgage repayments.

The current Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says he plans to intervene to help out his former political opponents.

“I’m going to offer Scott and Barnaby a room each at Kirribilli House,” says Mr Albanese. “I’ve got lots of spares.”