HIGH ROLLER: $60M Powerball winner celebrates with a shopping trip to Coles

SUPERMARKET SPLURGE: A lucky Victorian woman is in celebration mode after winning $60 million dollars in yesterday’s Powerball.

“Finally I can now afford groceries,” the anonymous winner told DBT as she combed the aisles at her local Coles.

“Until now I’ve been relying on fast food and leftovers from my parent’s place.”

Onlookers watched in awe, as she added avocados and heirloom tomatoes to her shopping trolley, seemingly unfazed by the recent soaring grocery prices & cost of living crisis.

Then – as she selected a variety of imported cheeses and olives from the deli section – a crowd began to gather, with some shoppers capturing the spectacle on their smartphones.

However the extravagant shopping spree didn’t come without limits, as the Powerball woman was forced to settle for the home brand version of Coco Pops.

“I’ve always been meaning to try the Kelloggs version,” she says. “But at least for now it remains too expensive.”