Grape Theft Falls Dramatically As Mandatory Face Mask Rules Take Effect

New rules in Greater Sydney making face masks compulsory while shopping and using public transport has had an unexpected benefit for the major supermarkets.

“We’ve seen grape theft fall by 87% since the new laws were introduced on Sunday,” says Coles Head Of Fruit And Veg Brad Markson.

“Our data is backed up by in store cameras showing shoppers clearly thinking of stealing a grape or two before realising they cant take their face masks off to eat them.”

Grape theft is typically a major problem for the supermarkets, with Woolworths recently revealing that its customers steal more than 320 million grapes per year, costing the grocery giant more than $400,000.

“We are now calling on the state government to make face masks compulsory on a longer term basis,” says Brad Markson from Coles.

“Pinching grapes is a serious crime. And it’s unhygienic, even without Covid-19.”