Germaphobe Won’t Let Friend Sip Her Drink, But Happily Sucks MDMA Off Stranger’s Finger

“It’s all about balance,” she says.

Moments after denying a friend’s request for a sip of her drink last night, Sydney’s Rachel Brullen was seen sucking MDMA off a random man’s finger.

The self-described party queen is being accused by friends of being a ‘contradictory germaphobe.’

“She let some bloke force half his finger into her mouth, yet she wouldn’t let me take a sip of her cocktail. How does that work?” asked one of her friends.

Ms Brullen was today defending her actions.

“He said his finger was clean. He looked clean,” she told a DBT reporter who happened to be on the scene. “Anyway being a germaphobe is all about balance.”

The 31 year old also says the nightclub bathrooms last night were too dirty to use.

Despite that, it’s understood she spent a considerable part of the night snorting coke off the toilet cisterns.