Full-Time ‘Instagram Model’ Quits To Become Regular Instagram User

Sydney’s instagram elite are grappling with the shock resignation of one of their own.

Kirsten Rawley has announced to her 114,000 Instagram followers (865 organic) that she’s stepping down from her role as ‘instagram model’ and ‘influencer.’

“It’s been a long and lucrative career,” she told DBT. “But the time has come to step aside and make way for other models coming through the ranks.”

The 29 year old says the performance pressure of being such a high profile instagram user has taken a toll.

“I’m really looking forward to spending more time with family and friends,” she says. “I think maybe I’ve outgrown the industry.”

But Ms Rawley is quick to stress that she’s still going to be active on instagram.

“I’ll be continuing to post regular updates from the same account as before. But from now on, it’s just for fun. No work stuff!”

Anyone interested in keeping up to date with her new life is urged to follow her @krawley29.