Friends long weekend away descends into power struggles, car pooling drama and fights about budgets & accommodation

JUST STAY HOME: It was meant to be a relaxing weekend away with friends at a Hunter Valley Airbnb, but it’s turned into a bitter standoff, with heated debates and serious doubts over the future of the friend group.

The drama began before the trip even started, as the group of six struggled to agree on who would drive and how many cars would be needed.

“The amount of politics involved was off the charts,” one friend quipped.

Once on the road, tensions escalated over music choices, rest stops, and driving responsibilities.

Upon arrival, the fighting continued as the group tried to decide on activities and the all-important issue of who got what room.

“It was like a mini United Nations summit,” one friend joked.

“Except instead of world peace, we were negotiating who would sleep where and what we would do for fun.”

As they packed up to return to Sydney today, some of the friends are no longer on speaking terms.

“Now I need a holiday to recover from the holiday,” said one woman.