Fitness First now offering membership discounts for those only using the mirrors

TIME TO REFLECT: As cost of living pressures continue to bite, global gym chain Fitness First is offering relief to Australian households.

“Our research shows up to 14% of our members come to the gym and are looking in the mirrors pretty much the whole time,” says Fitness First CEO Joel Mathers.

“So we’re offering a membership discount to those people, provided they don’t use any of our machines, weights or classes.”

From next week Fitness First will begin offering its ‘mirror membership plan’ for $18 a week, a $7 discount on its regular fee of $25 per week.

“This discount will definitely come in handy for me,” one woman told DBT. “I only go to the gym to use the mirrors to take selfies of me in my activewear.”

“The lighting in there is great. It really brings out my cheekbones.”

“To be honest, I only go to the gym to watch other people,” says another gym-goer.

“I look at their reflection in the mirror so they cant be 100% sure I am actually looking at them.”