EXPOSED: Influencer’s 100k Instagram following not joining her onto Threads, as most of them are bots

SLOW BURN: A fitness influencer’s migration onto Threads has hit a stumbling block, when it was revealed that most of her 100k Instagram followers are, in fact, bots.

After four days on Threads, Belle Bradley has only accumulated 13 followers.

“It’s going much slower than expected,” the 30 year old fitness influencer admitted to DBT. “But maybe it’s just a problem with the algorithm or something?”

Bradley is remaining relatively quiet on social media, except for a few cryptic posts about ‘weathering the storm.’

“She’s really got egg on her face unfortunately,” says one social media expert. “It confirms that she’s paid for the vast majority of her Instagram followers.”

“And unfortunately at this stage there’s no way to delete Threads without deleting Instagram.”