EXCLUSIVE: Proud BMW umbrella user, revealed as owner of 2014 Suzuki Swift

BROLLY BRO: Heavy rainfall in Sydney this afternoon allowed one local man to flaunt his favourite umbrella.

Dillon Hanley has been using a brolly emblazoned with several large BMW logos.

However DBT can reveal the 29 year old insurance salesman doesn’t own a BMW, and never has.

“He drives a second hand 2014 Suzuki Swift, worth under $10,000,” confirms one of his friends, who asked to remain anonymous.

“But he loves it when it rains so he can bring out his brolly.”

A DBT photographer has today taken a photo of Dillon Hanley with his Suzuki in his driveway.

“When he saw me with my camera, he tried to get away, but it was too late,” says our photographer.

It remains unclear how Dillon Hanley has come into possession of a BMW umbrella.

“I think he might have picked it up at a recent corporate golf day,” concludes his friend.

Hanley was not available for comment.