Sydney Real Estate Agent Starter Pack: Everything You Need

Being a real estate agent in Sydney is much harder than it looks, especially if you’re working in the eastern suburbs.

So DBT has produced this handy starter kit to help you get started.

Following this simple guide may even lead to the ultimate real estate career pinnacle; to be a cast member on Luxe Listings Sydney.

Being a real estate agent – and being deceptive – go hand in hand.

That’s why you should feel comfortable using fake tan, a fake watch, and most importantly purchase thousands of fake Instagram followers.

You’ll need those followers so putting ‘Public Figure’ on your Insta bio doesn’t seem weird.

Also, don’t leave home without your pin stripe Tarocash suit and combine it with white sneakers, just to show people you are not a corporate drone.

In a bid to stay ahead of the game, listen to Anthony Robbins on your AirPods which you should leave in 24/7.

And, if the natural motivation runs out, keep a bag of staying power on hand.