Eastern suburbs man travels to new ‘beach’ at Penrith, to avoid having to find parking at Bondi

BEACH HACK: A Darlinghurst man who lives an eight minute drive from arguably one of the best beaches in the world, has driven an hour and a half to the new ‘beach’ at Penrith because it’s much easier to find parking there.

“It makes sense,” says Tim Arnold. “I’m too traumatised from years of trying to find parking at Bondi on hot days like today.”

Despite a three hour round trip to the new man-made beach at Penrith dubbed, Pondi, the 34 year old says he’s actually saving time.

“If I went to Bondi I’d have to spend hours looking for parking, or I’d need to park in Dover Heights and get a bus there,” he says.

“But out here in Penrith there’s 700 parking spots. It’s like discovering an untouched paradise out here.”

After a leisurely swim while taking in views of the Blue Mountains, Tim Arnold began his trip back home, but not before stopping off at Panthers Penrith Leagues Club for a slap on the pokies.