Dutton Changes His Portfolio From ‘Home Affairs Minister’ To ‘Stay At Home Affairs Minister’

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has been forced to self-isolate at his Brisbane home after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

“I’m trying to recover as quickly as possible, and I feel well enough to continue working as normal,” he told DBT via phone interview.

But the Prime Minister reportedly told Dutton that working from home is unrealistic.

“That’s why I’ve changed my portfolio a bit,” says Dutton. “Instead of Home Affairs Minister, I’m now Stay At Home Affairs Minister. It’s just a temporary change.”

The Federal Government frontbencher says he’ll now be working on representing the fast growing numbers of Australians forced to work from home as COVID-19 spreads.

“The Stay At Home Affairs Minister role is actually quite an important one,” says Dutton. “Either way I’m just relieved I don’t have to go into quarantine on Christmas Island.”

It’s understood Dutton has employed the services of a European au pair to assist him at home with his recovery.

He’ll will continue working remotely on his new portfolio until his isolation period ends in 14 days.