#BREAKING: Double Bay diner orders directly from the menu, without making any changes or special requests

A LA CARTE: In what’s being hailed as a world first, a local woman has ordered directly off a menu, without making any special requests or negotiating with the waitress.

The incident took place this afternoon at the popular Bake Bar cafe in Sydney’s exclusive Double Bay.

“Usually our patrons use our menu as a source of inspiration only,” says cafe owner Mark Ramsay.

“They view the ordering process as more like a ‘create-your-own,’ or ‘do-it-yourself’ type of scenario.”

But it’s understood the woman today ordered a grilled chicken salad straight off the menu, without any special instructions or suggestions on how the meal should be prepared.

DBT has not been able to independently verify the claims, but Bake Bar management say it’s the first time it’s happened in the cafe’s seven year history.

“She didn’t try to negotiate with the waitress, nor did she have any requests about where she sat, or even about the levels of air-conditioning or music,” says Mark Ramsay.

“Initially we thought the woman must have been visiting from Sydney’s outer suburbs or something, but she did confirm to us that she lives locally.