‘Don’t accept lollies from strangers,’ says mum who licked MDMA off random bloke’s finger at Cargo Bar last weekend

DOUBLE STANDARDS: A Sydney mother of two has banned her children from trick-or-treating this Halloween, citing concerns for their safety.

“Honestly, it’s like rolling a dice,” says Sarah Ainsworth-Ryle. “You just don’t know what the kids are going to get.”

“There are some really psychotic people out there.”

However her trick-or-treat ban comes despite revelations she sucked MDMA off a random man’s finger while out partying at Cargo Bar on the weekend.

“She let some bloke force drugs into her mouth!” according to one of her friends who was also there.

“But she won’t allow her kids to take pre-packaged lollies off strangers. How does that work exactly!?”

Ms Ainsworth-Ryle is today attempting to defend her actions at the nightclub.

“The man said his finger was clean, and he seemed like a really nice guy, even though we didn’t talk because the music was too loud,” she told DBT.

“You can live your entire life in fear if you want, but at the end of the day it’s all about balance.”