Donald Trump Adds Pete Evans As Friend On MySpace

Former celebrity chef Pete Evans says he’s “overwhelmed and excited” after the outgoing US President added him as a friend on MySpace.

Alongside Donald Trump’s friend request, came a message which Evans shared exclusively with DBT.

“Hi Pete, the world has gone mad huh? How’ve you been? I just thought I’d reach out and connect…”

It comes as the pair have had personal profiles deleted from Facebook and Twitter.

They’ve been relegated to the social media platform MySpace, which was launched in 2003 and still active today.

Trump’s message to Pete Evans continued:

“Anyway, I hope you’re well down under, and let’s catch up when the borders open. As the old disco song goes: ‘why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends, aahhhh.'”

A devout Trump fan, Evans said he accepted the friend request immediately.

“It’s so exciting. The US President literally just reached out to me on social media. This could be my big break.”

More to come.