DBT STARTER KIT: For Violent Anti-Lockdown Protesters

FREeDOm fIgHTeR: If you’d like to be part of the violent anti-lockdown protest movement, there’s a few important things you’ll need before getting started.

Firstly, a bandana is a must-have for that bad boy rebel image. Wearing a bandana will serve as a sign to police that you are a freedom fighter who is not to be messed with.

You’ll also need a scary tattoo and a ‘fuck the police’ singlet to help round out your look.

Protest organisers may wish to confirm that you are incapable of scientific or rational thought. Your year 10 school leaving certificate will be sufficient for that.

Equally, evidence that you’re a Pete Evans fan will also help highlight your limited education.

You’ll also need a plentiful supply of methamphetamine to give you the staying power required for a hard day of protesting lockdown laws.

And no anti-lockdown protester is complete without a pair of boxing gloves to allow you to fend off police horses when riots get out of control.

So go forth, and take action on your right to fight this lockdown and prove that covid is in fact a hoax.