Stabbing these packs open, instead of trying to ‘peel here,’ can save you 40 minutes per year: Report

SALAMI HACK: The ‘peel here’ tab on the corner of many food packages is designed to be helpful, but a new report shows it may be costing us dearly.

Researches from consumer group Choice found it takes an average of 2 minutes and 6 seconds to peel the stubborn tab open.

“It can be a very frustrating experience,” says lead researcher Steve Slaven.

Choice says the average Australian consumes 19 of these types of packs per year.

“That means we spend an average of 40 minutes a year trying to get them open,” says Steve Slaven.

The advice is simply to stab the foil with a knife, rip it open and put the rest in a sandwich bag.

Choice has referred the matter to the ACCC, alleging the food manufacturer’s ‘peel here’ tab amounts to misleading and deceptive conduct.

“We believe the tab should actually say: ‘Try butter knife, if not, stab with fork.'”