Covid Impact: Sydney Man Files For Divorce After Wife Goes One Month Without Injectables

The continued closure of cosmetic clinics and beauty salons is taking a heavy toll on one Sydney marriage.

A Vaucluse man claims his wife has been left unrecognisable as she’s been forced to forgo her regular facials, filler and tanning treatments for the last month during lockdown.

“You’ve really changed so much recently,” Michael Carter told his wife Felicity. “I’m so sorry, but you’re just not the person you used to be.”

Mr Carter told DBT he’s now filed for divorce, sharing with our reporter a before/after photo of his wife.

“You can see in the pic how her youthful and exuberant appearance before lockdown is in stark contrast to how she looks today,” he says.

“Her skin has gone wrinkly and pale, and her lips have thinned right out.”

In a desperate bid to save the marriage, Felicity Carter has lodged a complaint to the federal government, pleading for injectable clinics to be re-classified as ‘essential services.’

“I’m yet to hear back from them,” she says. “Perhaps I can convince Michael that we just have a little break until things return to normal.”