COST OF LIVING CRISIS: Eastern suburbs man spotted using public transport

FALL FROM GRACE: The full extent of Australia’s cost of living crisis was laid bare today, after a Rose Bay man was seen on a bus to Double Bay.

Paul Hermani was looking sad and embarrassed on the 325 bus this afternoon, on his way to meet friends at the Golden Sheaf hotel.

“The whole experience was so degrading,” he told DBT. “The seats were too dirty to sit on, and the bus was full of weirdos.”

To make matters worse, his friends saw him as he got off the bus.

“From a distance I could see them point at me and laugh,” he says.

The 25 year old initially tried to explain to his friends that he caught the bus for environmental reasons.

“We don’t buy it for a second,” one of them told DBT.

“The last time he used public transport was when he was in year 10 at school.”

“I cant believe he didn’t just get an Uber! What’s next? a Lime bike? haha.”