Chinese President joins calls to boycott Woolworths for not selling Chinese-made Australia Day merchandise

STRATEGIC ALLIANCE: In an unexpected twist in international relations, the Chinese President and Australia’s opposition leader Peter Dutton have formed a rare alliance.

Both are calling for a boycott of Woolworths over its decision to no longer stock special Australia Day-themed merchandise.

“Woolworths’ decision is a devastating blow for China’s low-cost plastic manufacturing sector,” China’s President Xi Jinping told a press conference today.

“It threatens to derail already strained relations between China and Australia.”

Peter Dutton has told DBT he has a meeting with the Chinese President in Beijing later today.

“We are working closely on this issue,” says Dutton.

“We might be coming at it from slightly different angles, but we both agree that Australians cannot properly celebrate their national day without cheap Chinese-made plastic merchandise.”

“It’s just un-Australian.”