‘Buy The Dip’ Says Local Crypto Bro Now Living Back At Home With His Folks

CRYPTO CARNAGE:’ A Melbourne digital currency enthusiast is brushing off concerns about the latest crypto price plunge, saying now is the perfect time to buy.

“I know I sound a bit like a real estate agent, but everyone knows: buy low, sell high,” says Jean Entwistle. “The crypto market is perfectly placed to invest and re-build.”

It comes amid crypto market mayhem, with $300 billion wiped off the markets in a single night.

“I had to move back in with my parents last week, but I’ve never felt more confident about crypto,” Jean Entwistle told DBT.

“If you don’t buy up big now, you’re literally throwing money away. I wish I had some money to invest.”

The 24 year old says he’s asked his dad for a loan so he can get back into the market ASAP.

“As soon as Elon Musk starts tweeting about crypto again, the market will bounce back. Trust me.”