‘Business coach’ flaunts Lamborghini in LinkedIn profile pic, despite driving a Barina & still living with parents

FAKE IT TILL U MAKE IT: Former real estate agent, 29 year old Mark Minns has re-launched his LinkedIn profile, now featuring a $350,000 Lamborghini.

According to his bio, the Randwick man is now a Business Coach | Mentor | Speaker who teaches others how to “fast-track their path to wealth and prosperity.”

However questions are being raised about his own finances after it was revealed he shares a 2005 Holden Barina with his sister and still lives at home with his mum and dad.

A DBT investigation has found he took the Lamborghini for a ‘test drive,’ specifically to have it in the background of his new LinkedIn profile photo.

But he maintains he’s done nothing wrong.

“I never said I own the Lambo,” he told DBT exclusively. “But one day I will. Come back to interview me then.”

After taking the new profile photo at the Westfield Eastgardens car park, Mark Minns was reportedly spotted in the sports car looking for parking outside Indigo Cafe at Double Bay.