Burned out executive takes sick day so he can stay home and catch up on work

UNDER THE PUMP: The end of the year is fast approaching, but local man Paul Barbosa still has so much work to do.

“The only way I get anything done these days is when I’m working remotely from home,” he told DBT.

“Otherwise I just get bogged down with generic chit chat with colleagues and pushy requests to do other people’s work for them.”

The overworked financial services professional has already had his one day of remote work this week, so today he’s taken a sick day to stay home and finish an urgent report.

The eyebrow-raising move has again ignited debate over the merits of remote work arrangements.

“Honestly he shouldn’t have to eat in to his sick leave to get work done,” says one expert.

“But it at least this way he’ll save a few hours by not having to get dressed up and commute to and from work.”

“Actually I think he’s onto something.”

However Paul Barbosa also says that on his last sick day in September, he was actually very ill, but also worked hard all day.