#BREAKING: Woolworths Stops Stocking Charcoal Masks Amid Racism Fears

Supermarket giant Woolworths announced that charcoal, mud and clay masks are no longer available within its stores.

“We believe some customers may be using the masks in an attempt to depict a person of colour,” says a statement from Woolworths. “As a result we are no longer stocking them.”

It follows Netflix’s controversial decision this week to pull the plug on several shows in which Australian comedian Chris Lilley portrayed a Pacific Islander character.

Some regular face mask users told DBT they see Woolworths’ move as an over-reaction.

“I use charcoal masks to give my skin a deep clean and clear out blackheads,” says local woman Clare Torrence. “Are we even allowed to use the term blackheads these days?”

Woolworths says it removed a total of six mask products from shelves around the country yesterday.

It remains unclear if Coles will follow suit.

More to come.