#BREAKING: Taylor Swift spotted lining up at the back of the queue outside the Golden Sheaf Hotel for ‘Sheaf Wednesdays’

VIP: One day after her sighting at Surry Hills Italian restaurant Pellegrino 2000, Taylor Swift has tonight been spotted out alone in Double Bay.

The global pop icon has joined hundreds of revellers at the Golden Sheaf Hotel, for the popular mid-week event known as Sheaf Wednesdays.

“I’ve heard so much about this place,” Swift told DBT. “Apparently they do $7 drinks between 9pm and 11pm.”

At 7.30pm, the American singer-songwriter is currently 24th in the queue, with an estimated wait time of 35 minutes.

“I just want to blend in with the locals tonight and let my hair down,” she says.

But it remains unclear if she’ll be allowed in, given the Golden Sheaf’s ultra strict door policy.

DBT will keep you updated with any developments as they come to hand.