#Breaking: Someone Posted A Status Update Saying ‘It’s Been A Tough Year’

A local Facebook user has shared an insightful status update declaring: ‘2020: a tough year for everyone.’

In what might come as a shock for some people, Henry Tanner’s caption detailed the “harsh impacts of Covid felt globally.”

The rant went on for several paragraphs: “This year has tested us all, both physically and mentally, but happy holidays, enjoy summer, and here’s to a happier 2021!”

But Henry Tanner’s post was quickly deemed as nothing more than as excuse to post a flattering photo of himself looking pensive.

“The wording he used was so generic,” says one of his followers. “It literally added nothing.”

Meantime social media experts are waring of a barrage of these types of posts from other users, as the new year approaches.

More to come.