#BREAKING: PM Announces Australians Who Still Watch MAFS Will Be Vaccinated Last

With the vaccine roll out starting next week, the Prime Minister has begun talking more about who will be vaccinated, when.

“This is a multi-layered approach that’s happening in co-ordination with the states,” says Scott Morrison.

“But people who watch MAFS have to be our lowest health priority at the moment.”

Nine’s hit reality series MAFS begins again next week, and Canberra has today announced that anyone who watches more than 30 minutes of the show will be vaccinated last.

“These are all difficult decisions,” says PM Morrison. “We’re not saying you can’t get the  vaccine, but if you watch MAFS, you’ll need to wait.”

Audience projection figures show around 17% of Australians will watch MAFS’ latest season, which starts on Monday.

“We have limited vaccine doses, we need to be sensible,” says the PM.

More to come.