#BREAKING: Network TEN announce brand new TV program: Pondi Rescue

SINK OR SWIM: In a TV market where many new reality shows quickly fail, Network TEN is banking on a fresh offering called ‘Pondi Rescue.’

An extension of TEN’s highly successful Bondi Rescue, the show is filmed at the new man-made beach at Penrith, dubbed ‘Pondi.’

“We’re taking a deep dive into the world of suburban pond emergencies,” says show producer Harry Lakeside.

Despite the new ‘beach’ not having any waves, producers still expect lifeguards to be busy.

“There might be less drownings, but there’ll be swimmers choking on toxic runoff from nearby factories.”

“And don’t forget about dangerous eels and leeches.”

In the pilot episode of Pondi Rescue, lifeguards attended to a man who was injured after swimming into an abandoned shopping trolley.

The show is expected to air in May next year.