#BREAKING: Kourtney Kardashian forced to have dinner in Cronulla, as everything in the eastern suburbs was too expensive

DOWN SOUTH: Kourtney Kardashian’s Sydney visit has gone off the rails after she was forced to travel almost an hour south in search of a reasonably priced meal for herself and her family.

Known for her extravagant lifestyle and lavish tastes, the reality TV star was tonight spotted entering Sealevel, a popular restaurant in Cronulla.

“This is an absolute disaster,” a friend of the Kardashian family told DBT.

“Kourtney had her heart set on Totti’s Bondi for dinner tonight but she couldn’t believe a single serving of puffy bread there costs $16.”

“She’s used to living the high life, but even she has her limits.”

The news comes as a welcome relief for many eastern suburbs residents who are also struggling with cost of living pressures.

“Personally I would never consider going further south than Bondi Junction,” says one Rose Bay woman. “But good on Kourtney for branching out a bit.”