#BREAKING: Infected US President Makes Surprise Visit To Nursing Home

The US President has made a surprise visit to a nursing home in the US state of Maryland, near to the hospital where he’s being treated for Covid-19.

“Don’t worry folks, Covid is actually not that bad,” said Donald Trump. “Look at me, I’m out and about, absolutely no problems at all.”

Trump is desperately trying to rally support ahead of the US election on November 3.

Earlier, he went for a drive to salute cheering supporters from his motorcade.

“If you think the China Virus is going to keep me in isolation, you’ve got another thing coming,” the President told the elderly nursing home residents.

“If you’d like to come over and shake my hand, feel free.”

It’s understood Trump’s blood oxygen levels dropped dangerously low upon leaving the nursing home.

But the President’s doctors say he’ll be well enough to play in a charity basketball match tonight.