#BREAKING: Hollywood superstar Gwyneth Paltrow and entourage fail to get a table at Totti’s Bondi

TOTTI’S REJECT: Hollywood actress and wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow was unceremoniously today turned away from Totti’s Bondi, a popular Italian eatery on Bondi Road.

“Sorry Ms Paltrow, we are booked out till April 14 next year,” the door girl said. “It’s really difficult to get a table here, even for non-celebrities.”

The Goop founder was visibly disturbed about the rejection.

“Fuck this place for a joke,” she said to her security staff as she walked away back toward their vehicle.

“Plus it took us 45 minutes just to find a parking spot!”

She was spotted at Margaret in Double Bay a short time later.

Paltrow arrived in Australia yesterday to speak at a local event last night.

Showbiz industry commentators say the Totti’s snub will feature on news outlets all around the world, and will reflect badly on Australia.

Totti’s Bondi released a statement a short time ago:

“Apologies to Ms Paltrow, we are big fans of her work, but unfortunately we need to maintain the integrity of our table booking system.”