#BREAKING: China’s President Refers To Covid-19 As “The White House Virus”

China’s President has wished Donald Trump and his wife Melania “a speedy recovery” after they were diagnosed with Covid-19.

But Xi JinPing has also used his address on Chinese state TV to criticise the White house.

“The White House Virus is still rampant in the USA,” says Xi Jinping. “But here in China we have it completely under control.”

His scathing words are an apparent rebuke to Donald Trump repeatedly calling Covid-19 ‘The China Virus.’

“Nobody really knows where this virus started,” says the Chinese President. “But what’s clear is that some countries are much better at handling it than others.”

Covid-19 is seemingly running rampant through the White House, with at least seven people testing positive after attending a crowded event there last week.

“America needs to get the White House Virus under control,” says Xi JinPing. “Otherwise it will continue to spread all around the world.”

When Covid-19 first broke out at the start of the year, Donald Trump was critical of China over its handling of the virus.

But the US President today exposed his own staff to Covid after going for a drive to salute supporters, when he should have been in hospital isolation.