#BREAKING: Alan Joyce set to make acting debut in remake of Thunderbirds

CAREER PIVOT: Only one day after his shock early exit from Qantas, Alan Joyce has signed on to make his acting debut in a remake of the 1960s sci-fi British TV series, Thunderbirds.

I”m a natural fit,” says Joyce. “Thunderbirds are all about innovation in travel. I bring decades of experience in that department.”

In the latest remake of Thunderbirds, Alan Joyce will be the only human actor, with the rest of the cast being played by puppets.

“I’ve started intense training for the role,” says Joyce.

“Including mastering the art of moving my mouth without any noticeable facial expression, a skill which comes naturally to me.”

Filming of the remake is scheduled to begin in November, but the casting news has sparked controversy among Thunderbirds purists.

“He might look the part, but Thunderbird actors shouldn’t be played by former businessmen,” complains one fan.

“What’s next? Will Thunderbird 5 be converted into a budget airline?”