Bondi woman in hot water after telling friends she has a booking at Totti’s, when it was actually for Totti’s Rozelle

MISINFORMATION: In a scandal that’s rocking Bondi’s tight-knit social scene, local woman Kate Stamer is being accused of misleading and deceptive conduct.

The charge? Telling six of her friends she managed to snag a coveted table at Totti’s, when the reservation was actually for Totti’s Rozelle.

“As if we’d ever go to Rozelle, I’ve never even heard of it.”

“Um, that’s a pretty fucking big detail to omit!” one of her friends told DBT.

“As if we’d ever go to Rozelle, I’ve never even heard of it.”

Luckily for all of Kate Stamer’s friends who were invited, the deception was discovered before they left home for their girls brunch yesterday.

In their group chat, Ms Stamer wrote:

‘Guys just a reminder the address for today’s lunch at Totti’s is; 197 Evans St, Rozelle.’

“I didn’t even reply,” says another of her friends. “I just got changed and went straight to Icebergs for lunch. What a fucking joke.”

DBT understands Kate Stamer was left red faced at Totti’s Rozelle, forced to cancel the lunch after none of her friends showed up.

We reached out to her for comment on the scandal, but she’s yet to reply, and her social media accounts have gone unusually quiet.

Unconfirmed reports suggest she’s planning a redemption brunch at a yet-to-be-revealed exclusive location.