Bondi Rescue lifeguards now saving people from getting stuck in conversations about The Voice or the Middle East conflict

HOT BUTTON TOPICS: Bondi Rescue lifeguards – famous for their daring televised beach rescues – have launched a new service.

“We’re now also saving people from another big danger,” says chief lifeguard Mark McGarry.

“..tricky conversations on the beach about divisive topics like the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and the Middle East conflict.”

Locals are welcoming the service.

“Typically I just come to the beach for a quick swim,” one beach goer told DBT. “But invariably I end up getting bogged down in politically charged conversations.”

“Now there are people here to save me.”

As the service was rolled out for the first time today, lifeguards were forced to intervene several times.

“Just shoot us a desperate glance and we’ll intervene immediately by saying you’ve left your car lights on or something,” says Mark McGarry.

“We’re just doing our bit to keep Bondi Beach safe.”