Bondi hipster born into vast generational wealth, mistaken as a homeless man

FASHION FAUX PAS: In a classic case of mistaken identity, multi-millionaire Bondi hipster Chris McMillan was mistaken as a homeless man by a well-intentioned overseas visitor.

“I just want to help out someone less fortunate than myself,” said the tourist, as he dropped a 20 cent coin at McMillan’s feet.

“I hope this helps.”

The tourist remained completely oblivious to the fact that McMillan is the heir to a substantial family fortune that could easily rival the GDP of a small country.

“I only wear these bohemian style thrift-shop clothes to try to fit in with all the struggling artists and influencers who call Bondi home,” McMillan admitted to DBT.

“But the truth is that I have a beachfront penthouse only a few hundred metres away from here.”

McMillan says he was thinking about keeping the 20c coin as a quirky reminder of the misunderstanding.

But instead he threw it into the ocean to see how many times he could make it skim on the water.