“BEST CREW EVER!” woman captions photo she took, as revenge on closest friend who cancelled last minute

RENT A CROWD: In an epic display of passive aggressive behaviour, a Sydney woman has tried to make her best friend jealous by posting a group selfie with the caption ‘Best crew ever!!’

Carly Sparks’ act of revenge came after her friend Valerie cancelled their plans to attend a Vaucluse pool party together today.

“I ended up going to the party alone, but I wanted Valerie to feel like she missed out,” Carly Sparks admitted to DBT.

“So I went up to a group of randoms and took a selfie with them.”

“Well, actually, they weren’t full randoms, I met one of them about 10 minutes before the photo was taken.”

Ms Sparks posted the image on Instagram immediately, with the hashtag: #SquadGoals.

DBT reached out to one of the other people featured in the photo.

“I can’t believe she used the caption ‘Best crew ever,” says one of them. “I’ve never spoken to her in my life.”

It remains unclear if Ms Sparks’ friend Valerie has seen the photo.

More to come.