An Avalon man is busy texting multiple marijuana dealers in and around Sydney’s Northern Beaches today, in a desperate bid to secure a personal supply for lockdown.

“I’ve messaged about 6 local dealers this morning,” says Bryce Porter. “So far I’ve managed to get my hands on 6 ounces, but who know how long this lockdown could last?”

Northern beaches residents have effectively been placed under a three day stay at home order, following a COVID outbreak, with 17 known cases.

“I know heaps of locals who are panic buying buds at the moment,” says Mr Porter. “Demand is outstripping supply.”

The 27 year old data entry worker says he’s not actually overly worried about lockdown, “as long as I can get my hands on enough pot, it should be pretty chilled.”

And he’s relieved he finally has a bullet proof excuse not to attend his work Christmas party.

“I hate work-related social gatherings,” he says. “I can only handle them if I’m fully blazed.”

Once he has stockpiled enough weed, Mr Porter says his attention will turn to panic buying toilet paper.

“First things first,” he says.