Australia’s peak science body demands the Nine Network stop calling MAFS an ‘experiment’

LAB RATS: Australia’s peak science body issued an ultimatum to the Nine Network.

The CSIRO is demanding Nine stop referring to its toxic reality TV show, Married at First Sight as an ‘experiment.’

“We believe this is a misleading and deceptive way to describe the show,” says a CSIRO spokesperson. 

“There is no science involved, and certainly no experiment. It’s more like straight up torture, for both the cast members and the audience.”

MAFS claims to involve matching strangers based on complex compatibility assessments conducted by relationship experts, who say the word ‘experiment’ every few seconds.

But in reality its clear the couples are chosen by producers for their ability to create dramatic tension and jaw-dropping plot twists.

“Using the word ‘experiment’ in this context is offensive to the science community,” says the CSIRO.

The Nine Network was not available for comment.