ALP LEADERSHIP SPILL: Year 9 Economics Student Now Tipped To Topple Albo

‘IT’S ON’: With the federal election fast approaching, political analysts say an ALP leadership spill is now looking likely.

A year 9 economics student from Sydney’s inner west has put up her hand to take over as Labor leader after Anthony Albanese’s train wreck press conference today.

“I think it’s important that the Labor leader and – potential PM – knows the unemployment rate and the cash rate,” says 14 year old Shelley Jennings.

“..especially as the cash rate hasn’t changed in 18 months.”

A Labor leadership spill vote is expected to take place within the next few hours and insiders have told DBT it’s going to be a tight contest.

“I think young Shelley Jennings has the numbers at the moment,” says one ALP power broker.

“She even knows the price of bread and milk.”

More to come.