All NSW nursing home residents to be given Taser guns to protect themselves from police

ARMED & READY: The NSW government has announced a radical new program to train nursing home residents on how to use Taser guns against police.

“Police officers in this state can be erratic and unpredictable,” admits the NSW Aged Care Minister.  “That’s why we are giving elderly people the tools they need to feel safe.”

The controversial initiative comes after a 95-year-old great grandmother with a walking frame and a cake knife was tasered by police at a NSW nursing home.

“Every nursing home resident in this state will receive their personal Taser gun, along with a training course on how to operate the device,” says the Aged Care Minister.

The government will also introduce a ‘Taser Safety and Bingo Night’ to help residents become more comfortable with their new tools.

“I can’t wait to start using my gun,” says one 98-year-old.

“Back in my day, we had to fight the police with our bare hands. Now we just have to pull a trigger. It’s progress!”

The NSW government plans to roll out the new program next month.