“AI is not a threat to my job,” says eastern suburbs trust fund recipient with no job

JOB SECURITY: As many workers try to adapt and upskill in an ever-changing job market, Sydney’s Evan Emery-Smyth says he’s not concerned about AI.

“If anything AI will just help the existing workforce,” the 37 year old man told DBT. “I think it’s only going to create efficiency.”

But questions are being raised about his ability to talk about the impact of AI on labour markets, as he hasn’t held a job for the last 10 years.

“I might go back to work soon,” he says. “I just haven’t found a career I love yet.”

The Rose Bay man’s Instagram feed consists entirely of exotic vacations, yacht parties and high-end eateries.

DBT understands he inherited his considerable wealth through a family trust.

“But he tells everyone that he owns a start up!” says one of his friends.

“He’s never even been able to properly explain what his start-up does. Something to do with data storage I think.”