‘You Need To See Me Every 6 Months’ Orders Dentist Who Hasn’t Visited His Grandma In 3 Years

A local dentist is being criticised for not visiting his sick grandmother in three years, despite ordering all his patients to visit him every 6 months.

Marc Newbold’s patients say they’re shocked to hear he’s neglecting his own family.

“He seems like someone who has his shit together,” says Irene Hosking. “He’s gets cranky if I don’t have appointments with him at least twice a year.”

Marc Newbold’s own mother is accusing him of hypocrisy.

“If he can’t even visit his own sick grandma, then how seriously can he order his patients to see him every 6 months?” asks Kerren Newbold.

“Also, do my son’s patients really need to see him that frequently if they brush regularly?”

The Bondi Junction dentist does acknowledge a visit to his grandmother is overdue.

“As soon as I have a cancellation, I’ll be there.” he says.