Work friends become real friends after doing a line together at their office Christmas party

POWER CHAT: Two corporate drones at a large accounting firm snuck away for a cheeky line at their work Christmas party last night, and their friendship has now entered a new phase.

Jye Marwah and James Smith were seen hugging and posing for photos shortly after emerging from the bathroom at the same time.

“We had a power chat about who we like, and who we don’t like, around the office,” Jye Marwah told DBT. “It was high quality banter and it’s really brought us closer together.”

While queuing up for a drink, Mr Marwah then got out his phone and started following James Smith on Instagram.

“I can’t believe we don’t even follow each other yet,” he said. “It should have happened ages ago.”

Later in the night, it’s understood the pair discussed having another line, and even hanging out again outside of work hours.

However in the office this morning a standoff of sorts has emerged, with the men yet to acknowledge each other, even though they work in the same department.