Local Woman Updates Instagram Bio To ‘Wellness Expert’ After Losing Half A Kilogram

THE BIG REVEAL: What started as a plan to get bikini-ready, has ended in a complete career overhaul. And it’s all happened in three months.

In July, Elle Brockie set out to lose some weight. Today the former HR executive has announced she’s available for hire as a wellness consultant.

“I’m a nutritionist, personal trainer and life coach all wrapped into one,” she says. “I actually just received my business cards now, so it’s definitely a real thing.”

Ms Brockie didn’t reach her goal to lose 2 kilograms by the end of this month but she is now 0.6 kilograms lighter.

As part of her marketing plan, she’s released a before/after image of herself.

“Looking at the comparison, people can see the weight loss journey I’ve been on. Now I want to turn my attention to helping others.”

The 29 year old says yoga, F45 and superfoods are crucial.

“Superfoods are just like regular foods but they get their nutritional value from social media.”

She’s also looking to boost her own social media presence, by hiring a videographer to capture her looking fit while gazing out over the harbour.

Those videos will be available on her Instagram in the next few weeks.