Woman’s “Thanks For All Your B’day Love” FB Post, Deemed Transparent Bid For Even More Attention

SPECIAL DAY: A local woman on Facebook is milking her birthday for as much attention as possible.

On her big day yesterday, Kate Sanders received hundreds of ‘happy birthday’ wishes on her wall.

She also got 81 likes on a photo she posted of her blowing out candles on a cake.

But today the 28 year old is seeking more attention, today posting a ‘Thanks for all your birthday messages,’ status update.

“Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! I love you all and I’m so appreciative to have you in my life,” she wrote.

At press time, her latest status has garnered another 25 likes.

“I enjoy the attention,” she admits. “But I also really want to make those who haven’t acknowledged my birthday feel guilty.”

Kate Sanders says posting relentless birthday related material is a great way to gauge “who my real friends are.”

It’s believed there are four people she considers friends who are yet to step up.

“Guess who won’t be getting messages or likes from when it’s their birthdays!” she says.